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Reports and photographs of the current years events and outings will appear here, please see the programme for forthcoming events, and click on the link above for previous years.  Most photos shown here are thumbnails, click on an image to see a larger photograph. The most recent events are at the top.

Roger W Smith (Watchmaker)
2nd August 2012

Roger welcomed us and began with a talk about his business and his relationship with the late George Daniels. Then he took us on a tour of his studio describing and showing the various stages of production culminating with a completed watch.

We were all extremely impressed and full of admiration for the work done by Roger and his staff, he describes each watch as a 'masterpiece of mechanical art', and if anything this is an understatement with all the components made to incredible accuracy and the virtually countless man hours of skilled work using the finest materials. More information is available on his web site

It was a privilege to be given this insight into the world of making what are probably the worlds finest watches, so a huge thank you to Roger Smith, and to his mother Kristine who made the visit possible. Also thanks to Doreen who had  organised the visit followed by a meal at the Raven which was enjoyed by all.


Photos by Dorothy Flint and Gordon Corrin

Manx National Heritage Large Object Store
12th July 2012

We met last Thursday for a visit Doreen had arranged, it was to be taken round the Museum‘s Large Objects Store by their Outside Operations Manager Kate Hawkins (first photo below).

We were initially given a short introductory talk regarding the purpose for the Store and the objects it contains. The contents range from copies of the old Celtic Crosses right up to a modern racing sidecar combination of “Molly”.

Signs from some of the old Douglas shops were remembered by some members, as were the two wooden horses from the water driven roundabout in Silverdale.

It was amazing to see such a diverse collection of objects, and to have the opportunity to take so many photographs.

On the conclusion of the visit an appreciative vote of thanks was given to Kate by our President John Hall, and after we had all been checked off the premises we adjourned to the Whitestone for a much appreciated meal.
Report by Doug Allan

Photos by Dorothy Flint and Doug Allan

Tynwald Day 2012

Photo by Doug Allan

Tynwald Building Visit
28th June 2012

First outing of the summer, approx 16 members enjoyed a visit to the Tynwald Building, Tynwald Seneschal Paul Dougherty welcomed us and gave an informative and interesting history of the building and then showed us the three chambers where the MHK's and MLC's meet. Also included was the recently refurbished 'Wedding Cake' part of the building. There was then plenty of time left when we were free to take photographs.

Afterwards we enjoyed a meal at the Horse and Plough.

Many thanks to Paul Dougherty, and to Pat and Doreen for organising the outing, it was obvious that all members really enjoyed the evening.

Photos by Doug Allan, Dorothy Flint, Patricia Tutt and Bill Callow





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