The Western (Isle of Man) Photographic Society



Hello folks,

Just thought I'd write down how to put your entries on CD for the digital comp. I wasn't at the first digital night, but I gather it went well, so you probably know how to do this anyway.

However, someone may not be too sure, so here goes.


1. First of all make a new folder wherever you want your collection of pictures for the CD to be kept  Label the folder so you can identify it later.

Please include your name, so that I know whose images they are.

2. Make a copy of your image, and give it a title Close the original down to save getting them muddled up.

3. Go to Image,--Image Size, and make sure there is a tick in the Resample Image box and the Constrain Proportions box. Then change the Resolution to 72 pixels/inch, and at the top, the Width to 1024 pixels for a landscape shaped picture or the Height to 768 pixels for a portrait shot. Don't try to set both of these, one or the other depending on the shape of your image. Check that neither dimension is greater than these numbers. Then click on OK.

4.Save the new picture as a jpg in the new folder you made. When you get the JPEG Options box, choose 12 for the Quality, put a dot in Progressive and choose 5 for Scans. I'm not sure that these last 2 settings matter, but that's what I always do, you are choosing the highest settings to minimise the amount of fine detail that gets lost when making a jpeg.

5. Do the same with all 3 pictures you want to enter.

6 That's it, except for burning the folder to the CD. Please put your name on the CD too.


7. OR  you can email them to me if you'd rather.


By the way, these pictures don't have to specially 'digital', the kind you usually produce your prints from will be fine. I thought we might use them also for the interclub comp with the Southern club. I need these by 23rd Feb. (Earlier than it says on the programme, as Brian Goldie wants them sooner than I expected.)


See you next week,