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Nature Competition - 14th February 2013
Judge - Chris Blyth

Congratulations to Dorothy Flint who won the Jack Pugh Memorial Cup for the best entry in the Nature Competition with her colour print entitled 'Herring Gull Fishing'.

Monochrome Prints
1st 'Pigeon' by Dorothy Flint, 20 marks
2nd 'Backlit' by Jim Lace, 18 marks
3rd 'Herring Gulls' by Dennis Wood, 17 marks

Colour Prints
1st 'Herring Gull Fishing' by Dorothy Flint, 20 marks (Overall Winner)
2nd 'Swallowtail' by Jim Lace, 19 marks
3rd 'Water Aven' by Kristine Smith, 18 marks
Highly Commended 'Burnet Moth on Devil's Bit Scabious' by Chris Nicholls, 17 marks
Highly Commended 'Red Kite' by Bill Callow, 17 marks
Highly Commended 'Wildflowers - The Raggatt' by Tony Faragher, 17 marks
Commended 'Clouded Agaric' by Chris Nicholls, 17 marks
Commended 'Juvenile Herring Gull' by Dorothy Flint, 17 marks

Up to A4 Prints
1st 'Carder Bee on Sedum' by Stan Basnett, 20 marks
2nd 'Perez' Frog' by Kristine Smith, 19 marks
3rd 'Swallowtail Feeding' by Chris Nicholls, 18 marks
Commended 'Comma Butterfly' by Stan Basnett, 17 marks

Monochrome Digital
1st 'Icicles' by Chris Nicholls, 20 marks
2nd 'Tree Trunks' by Gary Booth, 19 marks
3rd 'Greeba Curraghs' by Gary Booth, 18 marks
Commended 'Arum Lily' by Kristine Smith, 17 marks

Colour Digital
1st 'Common Blue Butterfly' by Kristine Smith, 20 marks
2nd 'Humming Bird' by Chris Nicholls, 19 marks
3rd 'Great Tit' by Jim Lace, 18 marks
Highly Commended 'Clouded Yellow' by Jim Lace, 17 marks
Highly Commended 'Large Mushroom' by Gary Booth, 17 marks
Commended 'Common Frogs' by Dennis Wood, 17 marks
Commended 'Honey Mushroom' by Trevor Hitchen, 17 marks
Commended 'Peacock Butterfly by Reuben Allan, 17 marks
Commended 'Stonechat' by Doug Allan, 17 marks


Monochrome Prints

'Pidgeon' by Dorothy Flint
First in Monochrome Prints, 20 marks

'Backlit' by Jim Lace
Second in Monochrome Prints, 18 marks

Colour Prints

'Herring Gull Fishing' by Dorothy Flint
First in Colour Prints, 20 marks

'Swallowtail' by Jim Lace
Second in Colour Prints, 19 marks

'Water Aven' by Kristine Smith
Third in Colour Prints, 18 marks

'Wildflowers - The Raggatt' by Tony Faragher
Highly Commended, 17 marks

'Juvenile Herring Gull' by Dorothy Flint
Commended, 17 marks

Prints up to A4

'Carder Bee on Sedum' by Stan Basnett
First in A4 Prints, 20 marks

'Perez' Frog' by Kristine Smith
Second in A4 Prints, 19 marks

'Swallowtail Feeding' by Chris Nicholls
Third in A4 Prints, 18 marks

'Comma Butterfly' by Stan Basnett
Commended, 17 marks

Monochrome Digital Projected

'Icicles' by Chris Nicholls
First in Mono PDI, 20 marks

'Tree Trunks' by Gary Booth
Second in Mono PDI, 19 marks

'Greeba Curraghs' by Gary Booth
Third in Mono PDI, 18 marks

'Arum Lily' by Kristine Smith
Commended, 17 marks

Colour Digital Projected

'Common Blue Butterfly' by Kristine Smith
First in Colour PDI, 20 marks

'Humming Bird' by Chris Nicholls
Second in Colour PDI, 19 marks

'Great Tit' by Jim Lace
Third in Colour PDI, 18 marks

'Clouded Yellow' by Jim Lace
Highly Commended, 17 marks

'Large Mushroom' by Gary Booth
Highly Commended, 17 marks

'Common Frogs' by Dennis Wood
Commended, 17 marks

'Honey Mushroom' by Trevor Hitchen
Commended, 17 marks

'Peacock Butterfly by Reuben Allan
Commended, 17 marks

'Stonechat' by Doug Allan
Commended, 17 marks

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