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Small Prints Competition - 16th October 2008
Judge - Ray Davies

Congratulations to Bill Callow who won the Small Print Competition with 'Cacidris Alpina',

1st 'Cacidris Alpina' by Bill Callow, 19 marks
2nd 'Green Butterfly' by Tricia Craig, 19 marks
3rd 'Gull Feather' by Jim Lace, 18 marks
Very Highly Commended 'Fungi' by Trevor Hitchen, 17 marks
Very Highly Commended 'Swallow with Young' by Kristine Smith, 17 marks
Highly Commended 'Tulips' by Jim Lace, 16 marks
Highly Commended 'Floating Leaves' by Trevor Hitchen, 16 marks
Commended 'Lonely' by Doreen Kelly, 16 marks
Commended 'Church Window' by Jim Lace, 16 marks
Commended 'City Lights' by Chris Nicholls, 16 marks


Small Prints

'Cacidris Alpina' by Bill Callow,
First Place, 19 marks.

'Green Butterfly' by Tricia Craig
Second Place, 19 marks.

'Gull Feather' by Jim Lace,
Third place, 18 marks.
'Tulips' by Jim Lace,
Highly Commended, 16 marks.

'Church Window' by Jim Lace,
Commended, 16 marks.


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