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Annual Open and Photographer of the Year Competition
Thursday 26th April 2007, Judge - Eva Lancaster

Dorothy Flint is the Photographer of the Year having gained the most marks (112) for her six entries, second was Trevor Hitchen with 108 marks, third was Pam Bates with 106 marks, and sharing fourth place was Marshall Corlett, Tricia Craig and Vic Bates with 105 marks.

Chris Nicholls wins the John Cowell Cup for the best Monochrome Print "Light and Shade", Ruth Nicholls wins the Beaumont Cup for the best Colour Print "Dancing Shoe", Vic Bates wins the S R Keig Plaque for the best Slide "Gnarled Tree", and Trevor Hitchen wins the Nicholls Digital Trophy for the best DPI "Flowing Water".

Eva Lancaster had the unenviable task of judging this competition, which she did in a very professional manner with lots of positive comments and suggestions - many thanks Eva from all the members.

Congratulations to all the award winners on their well deserved success.


Monochrome Prints

"Light And Shade" by Chris Nicholls
Best Monochrome Print, 19 marks

"Mayan Arch Mexico" by Ruth Nicholls, 18 marks

Colour Prints

"Dancing Shoe" by Ruth Nicholls
Best Colour Print, 20 marks

"An Ancient Trade" by Dorothy Flint, 20 marks

"Faces In The Window" by Rosie Wood, 20 marks

"Shag" by Dorothy Flint, 20 marks

"Venice Lagoon" by Dorothy Flint, 20 marks


"Gnarled Tree" by Vic Bates
Best Slide, 19 marks

"Western Sky" by Tricia Craig, 18 marks

"Rocky Sunset" by Peter Hayes, 18 marks

Digital Projected

"Flowing Water" by Trevor Hitchen
Best Digital Projected Image, 20 marks

"Zara" by Trevor Hitchen, 20 marks

"Zebrarama" by Patricia Tutt, 19 marks

"Forgotten" by Pam Bates, 19 marks

"Rainy Afternoon" by Pam Bates, 19 marks

"Harbour Impression" by Pam Bates, 18 marks

"Castle Spectacular" by Ruth Nicholls, 18 marks



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