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Annual Open and Photographer of the Year Competition
Thursday 4th May 2006, Judge - David Killip

John Hall is the Photographer of the Year having gained the most points for his six entries.

Behind John the results were extremely close with Jim Lace, Marshall Corlett and Ruth Nicholls all sharing second place. Jim Lace wins the John Cowell Cup for the best Monochrome Print, Hannah Dunn wins the Beaumont Cup for the best Colour Print, and Bob Martin wins the S R Keig Plaque for the best Slide in the competition.

It is particularly pleasing that the standard of all the photographs entered was very high indeed with 97 of the 138 entries separated by only three marks by David Killip who had the huge task of judging this competition, which he did in a very professional and entertaining manner - many thanks David from all the members. The close competition is reflected by the above awards being shared by six members, and ten members sharing the top six places overall.

Congratulations to the award winners on their well deserved success.

1st John Hall - 98 points
= 2nd Jim Lace, Marshall Corlett and Ruth Nicholls - 95 points
3rd Dorothy Flint - 94 points
= 4th Chris Nicholls and Gordon Corrin - 93 points
5th Hannah Dunn - 92 points
= 6th Peter Hughes and Tricia Craig - 90 points



"Let There Be Light" by Jim Lace - Best Monochrome Print




"Tulips" by Hannah Dunn - Best Colour Print

"Frosted Hogweed" by Bob Martin - Best Slide


Full Results can be found in the Member's Area


Monochrome Prints

"Full Throttle, Ballabeg" by Gordon Corrin, 16 marks

"Port St Mary Harbour" by Gordon Corrin, 16 marks

"Soaring Splendour" by Chris Nicholls, 15 marks

"Long Forgotten" by Ruth Nicholls, 15 marks

Colour Prints

"2nd Green, Peel" by John Hall, 20 marks

"Mustafa" by Ruth Nicholls, 20 marks

"Allen" by John Hall, 19 marks

"Only a Rose" by Marshall Corlett, 18 marks

"Voyager" by Dorothy Flint, 18 marks

"Austrian Pastoral Scene" by Chris Nicholls, 18 marks

"In The Spotlight" by Marshall Corlett, 17 marks

"Upstream Clamber" by Dorothy Flint, 17 marks


"Light Emerald" by Doug Allan, 16 marks

"Male Salix Catkin" by Peter Hayes, 16 marks

"Barnacles" by Tricia Craig, 16 marks

"Delicate Hues" by Tricia Craig, 16 marks

"Dhow Sunset" by Peter Hayes, 16 marks

"Seaside Flower" by Tricia Craig, 16 marks

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