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Three Way Slide Battle on Friday 12th November 2004
Judge - David Bowers

Western Photographic entries and marks (out of 20) awarded
Title Author Mark Title Author Mark
Rock Plant Bob Martin 12 Honda Day John Hall 10
Wild Orchid Bob Martin 12 Wild Flowers * John Hall 20
Greylag Goose Eggs Dorothy Flint 15 Woodland Trail, St Johns John Hall 11
Sunset Dorothy Flint 10 Chain Bridge, Budapest John Hall 12
Lichen Dorothy Flint 11 French Corner Paul Starkey 10
Fern Dorothy Flint 14 Vintage Thresher * Paul Starkey 18
The Bathers Doug Allan 15 Wow! Ruth Nicholls 12
Window Detail, Malew Church Doug Allan 12 Lamplight Ruth Nicholls 10
Wing Walker * Gordon Corrin 18 Albi Cathedral Ruth Nicholls 13
Fern Gordon Corrin 13 Ramsey Swing Bridge Ruth Nicholls 11
Circle of Rope Gordon Corrin 13 Tropical Butterfly * Tricia Craig 16
Rope and Net Gordon Corrin 13 Sun, Sea and Sand Tricia Craig 12
St Vitus Cathedral, Prague * Jessie Russell 17 Longtail * Vic Bates 17
Grass and Fern Jessie Russell 17 Rounding the Bend Vic bates 15
Harley Engine Russell Gilmour 11 Number 2 Vic bates 15

Congratulations to John Hall, with a maximum mark of 20, his slide "Wild Flowers" won the award for best slide in the competition.

Well done to the Southern Photographic Society for winning the Club Award, it was a close contest as usual, the points totals were as follows:

Southern Photographic Society 421 points
Isle of Man Photographic Society 417 points
Western (IOM) Photographic Society 405 points

WPS Entry for the L&CPU Slide Knockout Competition

The following six highest marked slides (one per Author) will be entered. (Marked with * above).

Slides entered in the L&CPU Slide Knockout Competition

"Wild Flowers" by John Hall, with a maximum 20 points, the winning slide in the Slide Battle

"Vintage Thresher" by Paul Starkey, 18 points

"Wing Walker" by Gordon Corrin, 18 points

"St Vitus Cathedral, Prague" by Jessie Russell,
17 points

"Longtail" by Vic Bates, 17 points

"Tropical Butterfly" by Tricia Craig, 16 points

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