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Open Competition on Thursday 20th January 2005
Judge - John Watterson

Congratulations to Chris Nicholls on winning the Millennium Cup.
His first placed Colour Print "Rose Hewn Petra" was the overall winner of this competition

Monochrome Print
1st "Rushen Mines" by Ruth Nicholls
2nd "Beach Wear" by Chris Nicholls
3rd "Hill Sheep" by Dorothy Flint
4th "Testing Time for the Suspension" by Trevor Hitchen
5th "Vase of Roses" by Ruth Nicholls
6th "Up Close" by Jim Lace

Highly Commended
"Snuff The Wind" by Jim Lace

"The End" by Vic Bates
"A Bygone Era" by Dorothy Flint

Colour Print
1st "Rose Hewn Petra" by Chris Nicholls
2nd "View from The White Beach" by John Hall
3rd "Lifeboat" by Dorothy Flint
4th "Opposite The Inn" by Ruth Nicholls
5th "September City Sky" by Tricia Craig
6th "Autumnal" by Dorothy Flint

Highly Commended
"Celtic Cross" by Simon Moore
"My Mummy Loves Me" by Vic Bates

"Azay Le Rideau" by Chris Nicholls
"Port e Vullen" by Dorothy Flint

!st "Near Setting" by Jessie Russell
2nd "Brook at Mont Pelier" by Dorothy Flint
3rd "Wing Walker" by Gordon Corrin
4th "Bradda Head" by Simon Moore
5th "Beached" by Tricia Craig
6th "Seville Cathedral" by Eddie Fryer

"Window Detail, Malew Church" by Doug Allan



"Rushen Mines" by Ruth Nicholls
First in Monochrome Prints

"Beach Wear" by Chris Nicholls
Second in Monochrome Prints

"Hill Sheep" by Dorothy Flint
Third in Monochrome Prints

"Vase of Roses" by Ruth Nicholls
Fifth in Monochrome Prints

"Up Close" by Jim Lace
Sixth in Monochrome Prints

Colour Print

"Rose hewn Petra" by Chris Nicholls
First in Colour Prints and winner of the Millennium Cup

"View from The White Beach" by John Hall
Second in Colour Prints

"Lifeboat" by Dorothy Flint
Third in Colour Prints

"Opposite the Inn" by Ruth Nicholls
Fourth in Colour Prints


"Near Setting" by Jessie Russell
First in Slides

"Brook at Mont Pelier" by Dorothy Flint
Second in Slides

"Wing Walker" by Gordon Corrin
Third in Slides

"Bradda Head" by Simon Moore
Fourth in Slides

"Beached" by Tricia Craig
Fifth in Slides

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