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North Cheshire Photographic Society
Interclub Digital Print and Slide Knockout Competitions
Held in Poynton, Cheshire on 9th and 10th February 2005

WPS Entries in the above competitions

Digital Print Competition

Slide Knockout Competition

Title Author

Mark out of 20

Title Author Round Knocked Out
Motor Head John Wilson 17 Lotus Flower John Hall 1
Seaside Moonscape John Hall 14 Petra, Jordan Ruth Nicholls 1
Hill Sheep Dorothy Flint 15 Wing Walker Gordon Corrin 2
Radio Waves Dorothy Flint 17 Common Blue Doug Allan 1
      Brook at Montpelier Dorothy Flint 1

Full Results of both competition's are on the NCPS website, (links below)


WPS Entries in the Digital Print Competition


"Hill Sheep" by Dorothy Flint

"Radio Waves" by Dorothy Flint

WPS Entries in the Slide Knockout Competition

"Lotus Flower" by John Hall

"Petra, Jordan" by Ruth Nicholls

"Wing Walker" by Gordon Corrin

"Common Blue" by Doug Allan

"Brook at Mont Pelier" by Dorothy Flint

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