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Natural History on Thursday 14th October 2004
Judges - John Wilson and Barbara Spiers

The winning entry in the Natural History Competition was a beautiful slide entitled "Greylag Goose Eggs" by Dorothy Flint.
In this Special Competition there is only one overall winner, but the judges were asked to select the top six in each category (monochrome print, colour print, and slide).  The results were:

Monochrome Print
1st "Ox-Eyed Daisies" by Chris Nicholls
2nd "Maribu Stork" by Dennis Wood
3rd "Caterpillar of the Swallow Tail Butterfly" by Chris Nicholls
4th "Herring Gulls in Flight" by John Hall
5th "Aloe Vera" by Ruth Nicholls
6th "Seagull in Flight" by Julie Dunn

Colour Print
1st "Fawn" by Ruth Nicholls
2nd "Napoleon Fish" by Chris Nicholls
3rd "Bathing Duck" by Vic Bates
4th "Green Parrots" by Chris Nicholls
5th "Canada Goose" by Gordon Corrin
6th "Chestnut Blossom" by Ruth Nicholls

1st "Greylag Goose Eggs" by Dorothy Flint (overall winning entry)
2nd "Herring Gull" by Jessie Russell
3rd "Peacock Butterfly" by Dorothy Flint
4th "Puss Moth" by Ruth Nicholls
5th "Mute Swan" by Gordon Corrin
Joint 6th "Curragh Detail" by Dorothy Flint and "Rabbit" by Tricia Craig

The Winning Natural History Photograph

"Greylag Goose Eggs" by Dorothy Flint.
First placed slide and overall winning entry.


"Ox Eyed Daisies" by Chris Nicholls
First place in monochrome prints.

"Aloe Vera Leaf" by Ruth Nicholls
Fifth placed monochrome print.

Colour Print

"Fawn" by Ruth Nicholls
First place in colour prints

"Napoleon Fish" by Chris Nicholls
Second place in colour prints.

"Canada Goose" by Gordon Corrin
Fifth placed colour print.

"Chestnut Blossom" by Ruth Nicholls
Sixth placed colour print.


"Peacock Butterfly" by Dorothy Flint
Third placed slide.

"Mute Swan" by Gordon Corrin
Fifth placed slide.

"Curragh Detail" by Dorothy Flint
Joint sixth placed slide.

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