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President's Competition - "Textures", on Thursday 10th March 2005
Judge - Jim Gorry

The overall winning entry was "Tides Out" by Rosie Wood and wins the President's Cup. The best small print was "Gate Hitch" by Tricia Craig and wins the Cup for the best small print in the President's Competition. Congratulations to Rosie and Tricia.

1st "Tides Out" by Rosie Wood
2nd "Wood And Walnuts" by John Hall
3rd "Chimney And Tin Roof" by Rosie Wood
4th "Not The Only Peeble On The Beech" by Jim Lace
5th "Standing Stone" by Jim Lace
6th "Odd's Cross" by John Hall

"Block of Ages" by Dennis Wood
"Gate Hitch" by Tricia Craig

Small Prints (All Monochrome)
1st "Gate Hitch" by Tricia Craig
2nd "Toadstools" by Tricia Craig
3rd "Bark" by Tricia Craig

Colour Print
1st "Towelling Textures" by Peter Hughes
2nd "Thatch And Stone" by Rosie Wood
3rd "Seasons Fall" by Dorothy Flint
4th "Shirt" by Trevor Hitchen
5th "Beach Texture" by Rosie Wood
6th "Church Window" by Paul Starkey

"Foliage" by Rosie Wood
"Rusty Postbox" by John Hall
"Embroidery Detail" by John Hall

1st "Leaf Detail" by Gordon Corrin
2nd "Barnacles" by Dorothy Flint
3rd "Rope And Net" by Gordon Corrin
4th "Rocky Coast" by Dorothy Flint
5th "Texture Of Nature" by Jessie Russell
6th "Brick In The Wall" by Tricia Craig

"Wood Cuts" by Russell Gilmour



"Tides Out" by Rosie Wood
First in Monochrome and Overall Winner

"Wood And Walnuts" by John Hall
Second in Monochrome

"Chimney And Tin Roof" by Rosie Wood
Third in Monochrome
"Odds Cross" by John Hall
Sixth in Monochrome

Small Print

"Gate Hitch" by Tricia Craig
Winning Small Print

Colour Print

"Thatch And Stone" by Rosie Wood
Second in Colour Prints

"Seasons fall" by Dorothy Flint
Third in Colour Prints

"Shirt" by Trevor Hitchen
Fourth in Colour Prints

"Beach Texture" by Rosie Wood
Fifth in Colour Prints


"Leaf Detail" by Gordon Corrin
First in Slides

"Barnacles" by Dorothy Flint
Second in Slides

"Rope and Net" by Gordon Corrin
Third in Slides

"Rocky Coast" by Dorothy Flint
Fourth in Slides


"Brick In The Wall" by Tricia Craig
Sixth in Slides

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