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Open Competition on Thursday 4th November 2004
Judge - Alex Maddrell

Monochrome Print
1st "Evening Ride" by Vic Bates
2nd "The Crows Nest" by Chris Nicholls
3rd "Tulip - Queen of the Night" by Hannah Dunn
4th "Welcoming Committee" by Dennis Wood
5th "Rushen Mines" by Ruth Nicholls
=6th "Hill Sheep" by Dorothy Flint
=6th "Old Outbuilding" by Gordon Corrin

Colour Print
1st "Boatbuilders Workshop" by John Hall
2nd "Peacock Butterfly" by John Wilson
3rd "Utterly Butterly" by John Hall
4th "Local Hero" by Vic Bates
5th "Killer Instinct" by Vic Bates
=6th "Saint Cirq Lapopie" by Chris Nicholls
=6th "Laxey Wheel" by John Wilson
=6th "Artists Atelier" by Chris Nicholls

Highly Commended
"Lobsters" by Trevor Hitchen
"Chalk Downland" by Vic Bates
"Model in Pink" by Chris Nicholls
"Busy Feeding" by Peter Hughes

1st "Mist and Silver Sea" by Tricia Craig
2nd "Wet Leaf on Sand" by Tricia Craig
3rd "Ballaleigh" by Mike McDonald
4th "Petra, Jordan" by Ruth Nicholls
5th "Lichen" by Dorothy Flint
=6th "Coastal View" by Bob Martin
=6th "Kerry" by Mike McDonald




"Evening Ride" by Vic Bates
First in Monochrome Prints

"Tulip - Queen of the Night" by Hannah Dunn
Third in Monochrome Prints

"Rushen Mines" by Ruth Nicholls
Fifth in Monochrome Prints

"Old Outbuilding" by Gordon Corrin
Equal sixth in Monochrome Prints

Colour Print

"Boatbuilders Workshop" by John Hall
First in Colour Prints

"Peacock Butterfly" by John Wilson
Second in Colour Prints

"Utterly Butterly" by John Hall
Third in Colour Prints

"Local Hero" by Vic Bates
Fourth in Colour Prints

"Killer Instinct" by Vic Bates
Fifth in Colour prints

"Laxey Wheel" by John Wilson
Equal sixth in Colour Prints


"Mist and Silver Sea" by Tricia Craig
First in Slides

"Wet Leaf on Sand" by Tricia Craig
Second in Slides

"Ballaleigh" by Mike McDonald
Third in Slides

"Petra, Jordan" by Ruth Nicholls
Fourth in Slides


"Kerry" by Mike McDonald
Equal sixth in Slides

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