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Chairman's Competition - "Celebrations", on Thursday 14th April 2005
Judge - Tricia Craig

Congratulations to Dorothy Flint whose slide "Midwinter" was the overall winning entry, and wins the Masonic Trophy.

The winners and runners up in each category were:

1st "Silver Anniversary" by Gordon Corrin
2nd "Festive Mood" by Dorothy Flint
3rd "Wedding Bells" by Ruth Nicholls

Colour Print
1st "Christmas Cheer" by Dorothy Flint
2nd "A Good Night Out" by Peter Hughes
3rd "Good Friday" by Dorothy Flint

1st "Midwinter" by Dorothy Flint
2nd "Easter Trips" by Russell Gilmour




"Silver Anniversary" by Gordon Corrin
First in Monochrome

"Festive Mood" by Dorothy Flint
Second in Monochrome

Colour Print

"Christmas Cheer" by Dorothy Flint
First in Colour Prints

"Good Friday" by Dorothy Flint
Third in Colour Prints


"Midwinter" by Dorothy Flint
First in slides and overall winner

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