The Western (Isle of Man) Photographic Society


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27th Annual General Meeting 

Peel Legion Clubrooms at 8 p.m. on Thursday 26th May 2005.


1. Opening remarks by the President.

2. Minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting.

3. Matters arising.

4. Chairmanís Report.

5. Treasurerís Report.

6. Fixing of subscription for 2005/2006 season.

The committee recommends that the Annual Subscription remains the same as at present:

Senior £10, Husband and Wife £15, Junior £1

7. Decide the amount to donate to the Legion Club this year.

The committee recommends the donation is increased by £25 to £175.

8. Competition Secretaryís report.

9. Election of Officers.

Retiring                       Committee Nominations                  

     President                                      Mr. J. Gorry                           Mr. J. Gorry
Vice Presidents                            Mr. M. Ashmole and               Mr. M. Ashmole and
                                                            Mr. E. Fryer                            Mr. E. Fryer
     Chairman                                       Mrs. T. Craig                           Miss. D. Flint
     Vice Chairman
                         Miss. D. Flint                          Mr. R Murphy
     Treasurer                                      Mr. E. Fryer                           Mr. E. Fryer
Secretary                                     Mrs. D. Cain                            Mrs. D. Cain
Competition Secretary                Dr. R. Nicholls,                       Dr. R. Nicholls, LRPS, CPAGB.
                                                            LRPS, CPAGB.
     Recorder / Assist Comp Sec        Mr. J. Hall,                             Mr. J. Hall, LRPS, CPAGB.
                                                             LRPS, CPAGB.
     Webmaster                                    Mr. G. Corrin                           Mr. G. Corrin

110. Election of Committee

The committee propose the maximum number of committee members is seven. This needs to be agreed at the AGM prior to the election of committee members.

Retiring: Mr D Allan, Mr V Bates, Mr A Cain, Mr M McDonald, Mr R Murphy, Mr P Starkey

Committee Nominations: Mr D Allan, Mr V Bates, Mr A Cain, Mr M McDonald, Mr P Starkey,

Mrs H Dunn, Mrs J Dunn, Dr C Nicholls.

The above nominations for committee members include three members not already serving on the committee who have expressed an interest and have subsequently been nominated by the present committee, further nominations are welcome at the AGM for any of the above officer and committee positions.

111. Choice of assignments for the 2006/2007 season.

Suggested subjects so far are: Architecture, Gardenerís World, and Ecclesiastical.

More suggestions are invited from which we can make our selection.

112. Club Outings.

Last summerís outings were: Day trip to the Liverpool River Festival, Barbecue, Trip on MV Karina to Laxey, Steam Railway Trip, Visit to the Energy From Waste Plant.

Ideas for this year so far are: Visit to Film Studios, Barbecue, Visit to Wild Life Park followed by a meal, Gaiety Theatre Tour, Visit Ramsey Bakery.

Other suggestions are invited.

113. Members Nights.

If any members would like to give a talk, slide show or other entertainment, or have any suggestions for club nights, please let a committee member know.

114. Change to rules

The committee propose the following changes should be made to our rules:

(a) The present system of awarding competition points should be changed as follows:

The Judge is to mark each entry out of 20, and choose the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for each category regardless of the marks given, (two or more entries may have the same mark).

The Judge should mark entries in all the categories using the same criteria, this could mean the highest and lowest marks for each category are different depending on the quality of the entries, but ensures consistent marking across all the categories.

All marks awarded would count towards the category points championship and the overall points championship.

The rule restricting 1st 2nd and 3rd placed entries in Points Competitions to being re-entered only in Special Competitions will still apply

(b) The Natural History Competition should cease to be a Special Competition and become a points scoring competition.

(c) Monochrome Prints should no longer be permitted to contain one other colour, but may have an all-over tint or tone such as sepia.

(d) The maximum number of entries from each member in the Annual Open and Photographer of the Year competition is ten, but the committee shall have the option of reducing this number as necessary on a year by year basis, depending on numbers of competing members. Adequate notice would be given.

(e) The maximum age of competition entries be increased from three to ten years.

15. Proposals from members and Any Other Business.

The committee propose we have two or three digital only competitions next season, entries would be on CD (or maybe by email). This would be separate from our existing competitions and points championships. Consideration would be given to incorporating a digital category into all our competitions in future years.

Would members be in favour of having up to date pointís tables on the web site throughout the season? It could include all marks gained in each competition, and up to date totals for each member including subtotals for each category.

Would members like to know in advance who the Judges are for each competition? Most would be in the programme and any changes could be announced at meetings.

tAt this point members are welcome to have their say on any other matter concerning the club.